The Philippine Embassy in London wishes to advise all Filipinos intending to renew or change their entry/student/other visas to the same visa category or another visa category, as a result of changes in the Point Based System of managed migration

adopted by the UK Government, to transact only with duly licensed immigration consultants and/or solicitors.

The Philippine Embassy has been in receipt of numerous complaints from Filipinos regarding their failed dealings with unlicensed immigration consultants and/or solicitors. While these complaints have been brought to the attention of local government authorities in the UK, our kababayans fail to obtain refund of the unconscionable fees often paid by them when they submit their documents to these unlicensed immigration consultants and/or solicitors.

It is suggested that all transactions be made at the offices of licensed immigration consultants and/or solicitors and, when necessary, ask them to produce their license to practice as immigration consultants and/or solicitors before making any payment. Refrain from transacting business in clinics, cafes, telephones or mobile phones, e-mail, and other venues where it is not possible to ascertain the legitimate status of the immigration consultancy practice being offered.