The Philippine Embassy in London advises all Filipinos in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that unidentified individuals or groups are engaging in a new telephone scam meant to fraudulently obtain money from relatives in the Philippines of Filipinos residing and/or working in the UK.

The modus operandi of these fraudsters is to telephone the parent or other close relative in the Philippines informing them that their son/daughter/relative has been arrested or had been involved in a serious accident. The fraudster will then claim that he or she is the Philippine Ambassador, a Consul or otherwise an official of the Philippine Embassy in London. The parent or close relative will thereafter be requested to immediately send money purportedly to allow the Philippine Embassy to work for the immediate release from prison or hospital of the OFW and arrange for their immediate repatriation to the Philippines.

Please be advised that the Philippine Embassy in London, through its Assistance-to-Nationals Unit, extends assistance to Filipinos in distress at no monetary cost to them or to their family.  Coordination with an OFW’s family in the Philippines is primarily made through the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila. In urgent cases, the Embassy may call the family directly to convey information or secure other details or authorization from the family, but never to solicit money.

In order to avoid unauthorized disclosure of the name, telephone number, and other contact details of their immediate family in the Philippines, all Filipinos in the UK are urged not to disclose such personal information to persons who are not known to them or are not legitimate banking or remittance companies. It is especially recommended that any unsolicited email requesting such details, in relation to alleged cash prizes from lottery or raffle, be ignored and deleted by the recipient.

In case of any suspicious telephone calls, allegedly coming from the Philippine Embassy in London and/or  which follow the above-mentioned modus operandi, any parent or relative in the Philippines should either directly contact their appropriate relative in the UK or the Philippine Embassy in London (Email: Tel. Number. +44 20 7451 1805 or 1803 or 1826).