The Embassy of the Philippines wishes to remind Filipino senior care workers that current British immigration guidelines require a minimum hourly wage of £7.02 for migrant senior care workers. Through efforts exerted by a multi-sectoral group, inc

luding the Embassy, the British Government accommodated our request in 2008 that the hourly wage rate of £7.02 would not be applied to senior care workers who started working in the United Kingdom prior to 31 December 2003. This accommodation allowed these senior care workers to be eligible to apply for, and be granted with, an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR/Settlement visas) upon complying with the requirements of the British immigration regulations.

All migrant senior care workers arriving in the United Kingdom after 31 December 2003 are required to comply with the minimum hourly wage of £7.02. When an application for an ILR is submitted by a migrant senior care worker, it is important that the supporting documents should show that he/she is receiving the required £7.02 hourly rate. Those whose hourly wages fall below the minimum rate may find their ILR application deferred or denied.

In case of deferment or rejection, Filipino senior care workers are encouraged to contact a reputable immigration consultant or labor union who would be able to provide guidance on the process of requesting reconsideration of the denial.